A burger joints the thinks like a five star we make all our food from scratch everyday only using Freshest produce and the finest ingredients. Tasty food Made to order and cooked to perfection just Choose from any of our 20 homemade toppings and sauces to create something special. Your favourite burger every time. 

We take an innovative approach to burgers and sides we focus on quality ingredients, excellent customer experience and fantastic value for money above all else. What you get is a delicious top-quality food made the way you like,

From your very first bite, you’ll know that our food means business! But don’t just take our word for it, come on down and try our fresh and tasty burgers and sides for yourselves…you won’t be disappointed.


Andy’s came to be on a long drive home back to sunny old East London.

Two hungry friends and business partners AY and ND were looking for a place to eat whilst taking about food couldn’t find a burger joint with a decent halal option. This wasn’t the first time, AY only eats halal and always had to compromise with the limited or not existent halal menu and many of the halal burger restaurants just weren’t hitting the spot. 


To pass the time and take our minds away from the hunger, a discussion started about popular fast-food chains in the UK not been halal and that many halal burger shops were formulaic lacked imagination and offered low quality food.  ‘Why should you have to go to Dubai to get a good burger.   It didn’t seem right that many of the best burger joints were off limits or low standard.

AY “We should create a Halal, quick service, London centric restaurant.

ND One that focuses on making top quality burgers, using only fresh produce and ingredients.”

A QSR that thinks like a fine dining restaurant.

AS/ND Excellent food, fantastic customer service and superb value for money.” That everyone can enjoy and aims to be the best in town.

It was one of those let’s do it moments.

That’s when the real worked started. We searched far and wide to find out how others were doing it. We took the best bits from them all, added our own ideas and some East London swagger to the mix. Alakazam bobs our uncle Andy’s Burgers was born. 

The first shop was opened within the sound of the Bow Bells in stepney the heart of east London. but you won’t find any Dick Van Dykes near the place as we are the real deal. We don’t do gimmicks or hype, just something for everyone (the London way) your favourite burger every single time.